Taking the “New” out of Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Newborn Lifestyle Photography is a type of photography that captures images of newborn babies during their first few weeks of life. This type of photography typically focuses on capturing the beauty and innocence of a newborn, with an emphasis on their tiny features such as their fingers, toes, and facial expressions.

Newborn Lifestyle Photography can be a challenging genre, as the subjects are often very young and may not be able to hold poses or follow directions like older children or adults. It’s important for photographers to have specialized knowledge and skills to handle newborns safely and create beautiful images.

Some tips I like to give for newborn photographers include scheduling the session during the baby’s first two weeks of life when they are typically sleepier and more likely to remain still, using soft lighting and neutral backgrounds to keep the focus on the baby, and ensuring the baby’s safety at all times during the shoot. I also incorporate props and accessories to create unique and creative images.

It’s important to continue to develop your skills as a newborn photographer. Creating a comfortable environment for you, the parents and the baby will help ensure that the session meets everyone’s expectations.

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Capturing pure innocence during a Newborn Lifestyle Photography sessions is the key to a successful shoot.

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